About CMS Electracom

Developing world class business practices and manufacturing capabilities has allowed CMS Electracom to become a major supplier of wiring and power solutions to commercial and industrial clients.

Since 1979, CMS Electracom a wholly Australian owned and operated business has been designing and manufacturing wiring and power solutions to better serve commercial and industrial office buildings throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

CMS Electracom head office and modern manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, Victoria with a combined sales operation in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. CMS Electracom is accredited with IS0 14001, and recently awarded Best Environmental Practice by the Vinyl Council of Australia. To read more about CMS and Sustainability Design, click here

We have, over recent years been expanding our range of softwiring and power products used in the commercial sector and are committed to continued expansion in this area. CMS offers you a wealth of expertise in softwiring and power solutions, and the flexibility of customization to assist in fulfilling any special requirements you may have.

CMS Electracom cultivates an emphasis on innovative design to meet the requirements of commercial and industrial clients.

CMS Electracom supplies a broad range of off-the-shelf and bespoke desk ergonomics products to many of the most popular commercial furniture design manufacturers, providing great value solutions, to help them succeed in a competitive sector, which still demands quality and innovation.

Our range includes:

Modular Wiring (Softwiring) - enables the easy re-use of wiring when re-configuring workstation power distribution, without the waste associated with hard wiring. This not only saves time and increases productivity during on-site installation, but gives the designer maximum flexibility for future expansion.

Floor Boxes and Floor Outlets - used for power, telephone, data and Audio/Visual distribution in all types of floors including; wood, concrete and access floors. CMS supplies the largest range of Floorbox solutions in Australasia.

Bus Bar - used underfloor and overhead where high density power reticulation is required. Allows greater flexibility of layout design and typically can be laid at a rate of 50m per hour.

Retractable Supply Post - a product specifically designed for the supply of power to areas such as shopping precincts, aircraft hangers and amphitheatres. They have a load bearing flush floor finish when not in use and can be raised up to gain access to services such as electricity, industrial air and water.

Screed Trunking - underfloor installation systems serve wiring into the floor. The desired flexibility is used to appropriate screed-covered or screed-concise building service systems.

Power Pole - a simple way of distributing power, data and voice. Running from ceiling to floor the Power Pole comes in a natural anodised finish.

Dali Lighting - 3, 5 and 6 Pole Connectors with a wide range of accessories, providing the most advanced & competitive softwiring lighting system in the industry. The CMS ‘Quick-Flex’ system has been engineered to provide cost & labour savings as an alternative to traditional hard wiring using interchangeable modular components. The system offers portability & versatility in lighting applications as components are re-usable time after time.

Installation Tools - a product range that is used for running & retrieving cable. It is flexible enough to go around corners, and up and down walls through small openings. This products comes with a range of accessories.

A name synonymous with quality, CMS Electracom’s product solutions ensures the efficient and effective use of Power, Data and USB technologies.

For the last 35 years, we have successfully forged key relationships with prominent stakeholders and customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Asia.

Ultimately, we assist our customers in meeting their challenges with minimal environmental impact, with safety and quality as our highest priority.

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