3 & 5 Pin Quick Flex Linkable Socket System

The Quick Flex QF75-02 provides a simplified solution for creating a modular DALI, DSI, CBus or BMS backbone allowing for direct retrofit of a 3-pin install, whilst providing the foundation for future intelligent lighting fit outs

Utilising QF7A Light lead/5-pin plugs together with QF2 interconnecting leads, the Quick Flex QF72-02 socket makes quick and easy work of daisy-chaining multiple luminaires into a service outlet. Inclusion of both hardwired and continuous-line mounting provide flexible installation options catering to any application.

The 5-pin outlet also directly accepts the retrofit of AS/NZS 3112 standard 3-pin plugs for existing installations with the option to upgrade to an intelligent control system in the future.

With labour and project costs in mind, the Quick Flex QF75-02, used together with CMS 5-pin light leads and interconnecting couplers, delivers a time-saving, cost-effective and flexible solution for new or planned intelligent lighting applications.

Quick Flex Linkable Socket Adaptor System

Quick Flex QF75-02 diagram - with labels

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