Taskmaster Rail

Taking back control – Ryan Shamier an Electrical Engineer & Lighting Consultant at Northrop Consulting, came up with the impressive idea of the ‘Task Master’ which has taken away two awards at the ‘Canberra Engineering Excellence Awards 2009′. The Task Master is an environmentally friendly power saving system that has been utilised while working in conjunction with CMS on recently finished projects. The ‘Task Master’ system uses the CMS DALI network to switch off desktop devices and appliances at the end of each working day. It eliminates stand-by power losses from non-essential devices by turning off the power at the source, meaning devices do not have to be unplugged. The ‘Task Master’ Power Rail allows the employee to carry on working once the Non-essential Power is switched off, by simply pressing the activation button to turn the power on for an additional programmable period.

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