Snorkel IP Rated Floorbox

CMS Snorkel floorbox offers a unique and innovative solution to
hard-floor power and data distribution requirements.

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The stylish and robust Snorkel floorbox provides power and data
services in screed floors with the unique capability to accept an
application cut-out such as timber, stone and marble for an
unobtrusive profile

Combined with the CMS Screed ducting system, the Snorkel
floorbox can be used in a utilised in a wide range of applications
including exhibition halls, shopping centres, reception areas,
commercial offices, and airports.
Aesthetic and Discrete – Designed to accept a range of surface
cut-outs, Snorkel floor boxes provide unobtrusive yet accessible
options for high traffic areas
Robust – Due to the unique design of the Snorkel range means
that they are the only floor boxes which can be installed in hightraffic
public areas.
Wet wash – The Snorkel range can be used in areas that will be
cleaned using wet wash techniques.

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