Titan Series Soft Close Floorbox

Configurable · Intuitive · Safe

The Soft-Close lid to suit the Titan Series Floorbox is designed for maximum flexibility and safety, incorporating slow-sliding hinges while housing power, data and AV to suit any

Softclosing lid with titan undercarriage square

Soft close banner 6

The Soft Close lid features an easy-lift handle and oversized cable exit cap with slow-sliding hinges for protection from   accidental closures during handling.

The lid is finished in stainless steel and is available with a flush or recessed top to suit carpet inserts.


- Available in 3 sizes; 2/3/4 compartment

- Soft Close hinges prevent accidental closures

- Curved lid edging prevents guillotined cables

- Cable exit cap allows lid to close while cables are in use

- Customised to suit specific AV solutions (Extron, Kramer)

- CAT6, 6A and 7 Compliant

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