Cable Shute - Fabric Umbilical

fabric umbil 4


Cable Shute series cable management is specifically designed  to protect and organise power and data cables in a height    adjustable or static table application.

Cable Shute features two internal velcro-release partitions for separation of power and data.  All components   attach together simply and on-site adjustment made easy by adjustable velcro straps.


When used from the floor to the desk, Cable Shute provides a discrete and flexible solution for cable distribution.

When used in a sit-to-stand application, Cable Shute is easily installed to the underside of the desk and back to the fixed cable tray below. This provides an easy and neat transition from the cable tray to the workstation.


- 2 internal velcro-release pockets for separation of cables
- Adjustable Velcro top and bottom straps allow for adjustment in length.
- Zip fastening for easy access.
- Standard colours Black and White. Alternative colours and lengths available (MOQ and POA apply).
- 2 lengths and widths to suit static and dynamic workstations.