Softwiring Power Modules, Data & AV

DB17 Series Data Housing

SW17 Series GPOs & Brackets

SW18 Series GPOs & Brackets

SW18 Series GPOs – Hardwired

SW18 Series Data Housing

SW18 Series AV

SW2002 Series – Data/Telephone

Bezels & Blanks

C Series

J16 Series


Axess Umbilicals

Pre Configured Axess
Axess Accessories
Axess Sections

Axess Xtra Umbilical

Pre Configured Axess Xtra
Axess Xtra Accessories
Axess Xtra Sections

Cirqlate Umbilical

Pre Configured Cirqlate
Cirqlate Sections
New Coloured Cirqlate
Cirqlate Accessories

Pipeline Umbilical

Pre Configured Pipeline
Pipeline Sections
Pipeline Accessories

Qbilical Umbilical

Pre Configured Qbilicals
Qbilical Accessories
Qbilicals Sections

Lead & Starter Socket Accessories

Interconnecting Cables in Conduit

Interconnecting Cables in Steel Conduit

Interconnecting ROHS Cables

Node Boxes

Starter Cables 10amp Plug

Starter Cables 20amp Plug

Starter Sockets & Splitters

Power Rails

Athena Rail

Premier Power Rail

Zeus Rail

Equa Power Rail

ISO Power Rail

Leto Rail

Wedge Power Rail

Harmony Power Rail

Satelite Power Rail

Centrepoint Power Pod

CMS USB Charger for CMS Power rails

Power Master and RCD Protection Units

Master Slave

In Desk Modules

KonexUS Module

Affinity Plus

The Original Affinity Plus
Scalloped Affinity Plus
Dual Lid Affinity Plus
Custom Built Affinities
Cable Dump Attachment

Executive Box

Executive Box – Standard
Executive Modular box
Flip Box

Furniture Accessories

Monitor Arms

Easy Fly Monitor Arm

Elevate MKI Monitor Arm

CPU Holders

Task Lights

In-Wall TV Bracket

Cable Management

Cableway Baskets

Wireway – 70mm Wide Single & Dual Tier

Wireway – Back to back baskets

Wire Grid – 50mm Wide Single & Dual Tier

Wire Grid Extra – 100mm Wide

Wire Grid – Back to back baskets

Basket Mounting Plates

Underdesk MB Series

Desk Grommets

Cable Dump

Cable Clips

Cable Cover

Power Poles

Power Pole & Accessories

Totem Pole & Accessories

Dali Lighting

5 Pole Quick Flex

5 Pole Plug & Socket

6 Pole Lighting

Environmental Products

Energy Efficent units


Green rocker switch

Switched GPO

5 pole lighting

Interact Busbar

Rack Rail Power Units

Retractable Supply Post

Skirting Duct

EAE Busbar

Floor Trunking


CMS Apollo FB Floorbox

CMS Apollo FB2 Compartment Floorbox

CMS Apollo FB4 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FB Preconfigured Floorboxes

CMS Apollo FL Recessed Lid Floorbox

CMS FL2 Compartment Floorbox

CMS FL3 Compartment Floorbox

CMS FL4 Compartment Floorbox

FL Recessed Mounting Plates

CMS Apollo FL SS Recessed Lid Floorbox

Apollo FLSS 2 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FLSS 3 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FLSS 4 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FL SS Mounting Plates

CMS Apollo FL Series Flush Mount SS Floorbox

Apollo FL Flush SS 2 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FL Flush SS 3 Compartment Floorbox

Apollo FL Flush SS 4 Compartment Floorbox

FL Flush SS Mounting Plate

CMS Rhino Stainless Steel Floorbox

CMS RF2 Compartment Floorbox

CMS RF4 Compartment Floorbox

RF Mounting Plates

GES2 Floorbox

Floor Grommets

Cablelink 1 Floorbox

Cablelink Floorbox

CL1 Accessories

BR1 Floorbox

Floor Service Outlet Box

GESRM2 Series (IP65) Rated Floorbox

Stainless Steel Floorboxes

Titan Floorbox

Titan FT2 2 Compartment Floorbox

Titan FT4 4 Compartment Floorbox

Low Profile 4 Compartment Floorboxes
Access 4 Compartment Floorbox
Inscreed 4 Compartment Floorbox

Cable Installation Tools

Installation Accessories

Push Pull Rods

Telescopic Poles


Tiger Snakes

Fish Tapes