MODULE ONLY: KU01** KonexUS 1 GPO only

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Product Description

MODULE ONLY: KonexUS 1 GPO (autoswitched) only – Lead not supplied (see KLTG15 3pin lead  / KL05 softwiring lead)

The CMS Konexus Power module is ideal for work spaces that require easy access to power and USB charging. The CMS KonexUS USB Power Module can be installed in your desk space, collaboration hub, hot desk, table top and/or meeting table.

Standard modules colours are White (WT), White with Silver trim (WTS), or Black (BK)

Lead sold seperately (see KLTG15 3pin lead  / KL05 softwiring lead)

** Denotes colour option WT, WTS or BK

Note: Data Jacks, USB and Leads sold separately.

CMS Electracom Konexus USB Power module with covers to suit space. CMS Electracom supply softwiring, USB and power solutions to commercial applications.

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Additional Information

Data Jacks, USB and Leads sold separately
KU01 Cut Out Dimension