What’s New at CMS

What’s New at CMS?

USB Charging Technology

CMS is the market leader in the supply of integrated and stand-alone USB charging modules to commercial workspaces.  Our latest range of USB-C charging ports are capable of delivering up to 60w for the absolute fastest charging for smartphones and laptops.

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Wireless Charging Technology

CMS continues to develop the very latest wireless charging technology for commercial applications.  With the widest range of integrated and stand-alone modules, we are confident we have the perfect product to complement your next fit-out.

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Introducing the Tech Hub USB-C Docking Station

Tech Hub is the latest technology development from CMS, harnessing USB-C technology, Tech Hub is capable of delivering up to 100W of charging power to a wide range of Laptops including Apple, HP, Dell and Lenovo. Tech Hub is equipped to support 3 UHD monitors and 4 USB devices, it uniquely features an integrated power supply paired to CMS TAG connectors allowing it to be daisy-chained via the building’s softwiring backbone. Tech Hub is the first enterprise USB-C docking station developed specifically for commercial systems furniture.

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