QF75MK2 Hardwired Plug Base

The CMS 5 pole plug base is the latest socket designed by CMS Electracom suitable for Dali, DSI and BMS lighting control networks. The system is used as an alternative to our Quick Flex 5 pole ‘plug and play’ system.

The CMS 5 Pole plug base will also accept a standard Australian 3 pin plug so you can future proof your next installation if a lighting control system is desired at a later stage.

Nearly every new office today incorporates some level of intelligent light level sensors, movement sensors, zoned lighting scene setting and time clocks.

In areas where you have exposed ceilings or long distance between light fittings/devices the CMS 5 pole plug base system will provide a convenient and cost effective solution for your next installation.

QF75 Hardwired Plug Base Schematic

QF75MK2 Hardwired Plug Base


Single 10A 250V 5 Pin Socket - White

QF7A 5-Pin Free End Light Lead


Light lead free end to CMS 5pin plug