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Link 60 Series

Cable protection to the work surface

CMS Link 60 series is specifically designed for cable protection when bringing power and data cables in a height adjustable table application, or from the floor or ceiling to the work surface.

It comprises two separate compartments for cable distribution. Both compartments are segregated from one another, allowing power and data cabling to be run together. All components clip together simply, on-site adjustment is easy and quick by the addition or removal of extra pieces.

Sit to Stand Desk or Floor Desk Applications

When used from the floor to the desk, Link 60 series provides an attractive and flexible solution for cable distribution. When used with sit to stand desk Link 60 can be fitted with specific brackets for connection to the underside of the desk and back to the fixed cable tray below. This provides an easy and neat transition from the cable tray to the workspace. Customised mounting solutions are available by consultation.CMS Link 60 Series easily provides all the power and data capacity you require all in one neat and attractive solution.



Ceiling Flange, 2.0M Hanging Wire & Terminal Lock - White


Joiner C/W Locking Pins - Clear


Link 60 Series Umbilical C/W Locking Pins - 700mm Section


Mounting Foot For Under Desk


Mounting Strap For Cable Tray Mount C/W Locking Pins


Umbilical Horse Shoe Floor Base C/W Joiner And Locking Pins


Umbilical Round Disk Floor Base C/W Joiner And Locking Pins


Universal Mounting Foot For Under Desk Or To Hang Umbilical In The Ceiling - Clear

Pre-configured Kits


2100mm Ceiling to Workstation Kit With Mounting Foot


Link 60 Series - 2800mm Floor to Ceiling Kit With Round Disk Floor Base


Link 60 Series - 2800mm Floor To Ceiling Kit With Horseshoe Floor Base


Link 60 - 770mm Floor to Desk With Round Disk Floor Base


Link 60 Series - 770mm Floor to Desk With Horseshoe Floor Base


Link 60 Series - 1400mm Long - Cable Tray to Workstation For Height Adjustable Tables