Advanced Engineering Building, St Lucia, Queensland

The University of Queensland Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) project will provide educational facilities for structural, civil, materials, and hydraulics engineering students within an eight storey building at UQ’s St Lucia campus.

The multi-purpose building has a combination of learning, workplace and social areas with flexible teaching and learning spaces, embracing the collaborative learning environment. AEB facilitates new teaching and learning spaces that accommodate the University’s new curriculum.

CMS Electracom where engaged by leading engineering consultancy group, Aurecon, to design a custom Floor Box solution for the Advanced Engineering Building project.

As the Floor Boxes where going to be connected to “MOCOWS” Mobile Computer on Wheels there were strict requirements by the University of Queensland to ensure the safety of their students and campus equipment.

The highly experienced CMS Electracom Design team managed to design and manufacture a custom floor box to meet the strict design guidelines, and most importantly deliver a successful solution.

Project: Advanced Engineering Building University of Queensland

Builder: Watpac

Electrical Engineer: Aurecon

Architect: Hassell / Richard Kirk Architects

Electrical Contractor: Electrotech Systems

CMS Electracom Product: 189 x Stainless Steel Floor Boxes


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