ANZ Raranga – Sylvia Park, NZ

ANZ has taken a nine-year lease over five floors of the new office building in Auckland Sylvia Park. Occupancy commenced in May 2019, the company have progressively moved 450-500 people by early November 2019 from multiple office locations.


The Challenge:

In the process of the fit-out, the client wanted a future proof solution that can adapt quickly to any business changes requiring rapid modifications to the office fit-out. As a requirement, the furniture and electrical design needed to be manipulated and reconfigured quickly and easily without disrupting the service to their customers.

The Solution:

The CMS wiring system was the perfect solution for ANZ, the daisy-chained desk wiring is plug n play partnered with in-desk power rails and outlets this is a future proof solution making desk reconfiguration easy with minimised cabling.

Our CMS in-desk power solutions offer power convenience charge devices especially in a hot-desking setup, desk boxes were also built into conference room desktops to provide power and data in a tidy manner

The CMS Electracom’s Quicklflex DALI wiring system was also used at both base build and fit-out stages due to its flexibility!


Equipment List

  • CMS 3 pole Softwiring System
  • CMS 5 pole Quikflex
  • Floor boxes – in-screed and access soft-close Stainless-steel options
  • Custom grommets with a selection of 10- and 15-amp GPO, Data and 20Amp starter sockets
  • Athena Rails 30w A+C
  • KonexUS 30w A+C
  • Executive desk boxes


Project Partners:

  • Electrical Engineer: BECA, NDY
  • Electrical Contractor: ALLENDALE/ ELECTRIX
  • Architect: WARREN & MAHONEY
  • Commercial Furniture: Selected by Nigel Rye     
  • CMS Consultant: Wesley Morris and Scott Archer

For more information about this project or the
products used. Please contact 1300 159 159

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