Leto Rail. 2 Power – 3.15A. Dual USB charger 20W – A+A. 1m Starter lead – BS13A.

Product Description
Leto Rail with 2 power - 3.15A and a dual USB charger 20W - A+A with a 1m starter lead - BS13A. Options - Meter increase in starter lead length - Amend "1" in the Part No. to required length i.e. for 2m's enter "2". Meter increase/decrease in data lead length - Amend "20" in the Part No. to the required length i.e. for 3m's enter "30". Standard fuse ratings are 3A. For 5A add "5" as the 4th digit to the Part No. i.e. UA2510WT - Please refer to BS6396:2008 + A1:2015 - Electrical systems in office and education furniture when selecting 5A. Finish - Standard anodised aluminium body with white end caps and outlets. Black end caps and outlets are also available. All white and/or all black combinations are available, plus a range of anodised colours.
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