Single Lid 2 power + dual USB charging + 2 data

Product Description
AV "up" grades. 1 VGA + 1 Audio - Suffix Pt No. by _AV2 1 HDM1 - Suffix Part No. by _AV1 Data "down" grades. Deduct per outlet, plus the numeric prefixing the letter A in the part no. i.e. "1" = 1 data, "3" = 3 data, etc. Colours - Lid. Natural bead blasted aluminium (SL) - Standard. White - Subsitute SL in part no. with WT. Black -Subsitute SL in part no. with BK. Notes - 1. All configurations are supplied with 2m leads. Alternative lengths are available upon request. 2. Data outlets/cables are CAT 6 UTP. STP and other catergories are available upon request.
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