As a leading manufacturer of power solutions, CMS design and produce a wide range of USB charging solutions to suit every facet of the modern commercial environment. Our charging technology comes in two forms defined by the way they are incorporated into CMS products; Modular and Integrated.

CMS Modular USB chargers offer the flexibility to incorporate USB-C and A charging ports into a range of above, recessed and below desk solutions together with other services like power, data and AV. This is achived through our CMS softwired backbones.

Integrated products feature built-in USB charging ports in a compact form factor making them a versatile option to be incorporated into a wide range of application areas. All CMS USB-C chargers feature the latest PD3.0 standard.

30W USB Charging


Atom 30W USB-A Charging Module


Echo Single with Dual USB Type A/C 30W Charger


KonexUS Single Socket + Dual USB Type A and C Charge


1500mm USB-C Male to Female Lead + Under-Desk Mounting