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In the ever-evolving world of technology and electrical systems, efficient connectivity is paramount. Whether it’s in commercial, residential, or industrial settings, the need for seamless access to power and data has become increasingly vital. To meet this demand, floor boxes have emerged as a convenient and practical solution in many workplace environments and public spaces.


What is a Floor Box?

A Floor Box, also known as a Floor Outlet or Floor Socket, houses convenient access to power/data/AV outlets that are recessed into a floor surface. They come in different sizes and with different types of lids with the added benefit to match your floor and provide IP rating where required.


Where is it used?

Floor boxes are installed where traditional wall outlets may not be practical or desired without the need for visible cords or cables running across the floor. They are commonly used in commercial and residential settings, particularly in areas where there is a need for flexible power access, such as conference/meeting rooms, offices, trade show booths or public spaces such as shopping centres.

They are often installed in raised access or concrete floors.



Where do we come in?

At CMS, we provide a variety of solutions designed to accommodate different types of applications, including commercial, residential and industrial settings. Our floor boxes are designed to be discreet and offer convenience. They are compatible with various types of flooring, such as raised, concrete, and timber floors. A range of options for lids are available including plastic, stainless steel, and heavy-duty. Some of our floor boxes are also IP Rated, making them perfect for those wet areas and polished floors.

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