Accelerate 60W Charging

accelerate 60w usb-c charger


Industry Leading USB Charging Solutions for Enterprise

Accelerate 60W Integrated USB-C Charger is the latest charging solution from CMS, designed to deliver up to 60W of intelligent USB-PD charging to a wide range of Windows, Apple and Android laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Accelerate 60W Chargers can be integrated into a wide range of CMS solutions including above-desk collaborative and personal power rails, conferencing desk boxes and more.


cms electracom usb-c charging


Designed for the Latest Devices

Accelerate was developed to deliver up to 60W of convenient charging to the latest USB-C laptops from Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft and more, all without the requirement of the OEM powerpack via a USB-C to C Cable. Specify Accelerate 60W USB-PD Charging for your next project.



What is USB-PD?

USB-PD (power delivery) is a widely supported fast charging technology typically delivered through enabled USB-C charging outlets.
The CMS Accelerate 60W charger features the latest PD 3.0 power delivery standard allowing devices to charge at their fastest capable rate,
significantly faster and safer than most generic aftermarket chargers.


CMS Integrated PD Fast Charging Solutions


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