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Feature Products 

KonexUS with 65W Charging

Our KonexUS Module is now available with 65W Charging, perfect for most modern laptops.

With the ability to now provide excellent fast charging capability using USB-C, KonexUS keeps your devices charged while you’re hard at work.

Project Profiles

Sunshine Coast City Hall – QLD

Located in the heart of the Maroochydore City Centre is the new development of the Sunshine Coast City Hall Building. 10-stories high, with approximately 12,000m² of floor space, the new building will deliver innovative workplaces and integrate renewable energy through solar power and sustainable design.

For this project Cottee Parker, Arup, Klenner Murphy and Bizfurn partnered with CMS for the fit out of the new building. As part of the project, our Echo Duo, Echo Trio, Athena rails and Softwired Titan Floorboxes were implemented to provide easy access to personal power and fast charging.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

One of the largest players in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing space, Thermo Fisher Scientific has recently expanded their global footprint in Singapore. According to the firm, the facility can produce up to 30 million sterile doses per month and employ more than 300 people.

For the fit out of the new facility Advance Collab, JLL Singapore and Zenith Interiors partnered with CMS to deliver power and USB charging capabilities. CMS Athena Power Rails were implemented above the desks to provide personal power and fast charging.

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