Energy Management in the Workplace

In recent years, companies had begun to realise the importance of a sustainable business model. Many have put their focus on streamlining their business operations to meet sustainable business practices. Since COVID-19, there has been a shift in business leaders spending more time focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. One of the biggest challenges that a business can face today is understanding how power consumption is utilised in the workplace.

Where do we come in?
To assist a business in managing energy consumption to work towards becoming a more energy efficient workplace, CMS Engage was designed and developed. CMS Engage is a smart workplace solution that provides powerful insights on space utilisation, energy consumption and how the workplace is utilised.

Benefits of Engage

Empower productivity through insights
Through our unrivalled smart cell and sensor technology, we can provide powerful insights through accurate reporting on energy usage and workspace occupancy empowering administrators to make informed decisions.

Occupancy and space utilisation
Our status indicator and sensor can deliver usage and occupancy insights, determine peak usage and capacity with time-lapse heat mapping.

Energy management overview
Enables administrators the ability to shutdown workstations completely when they are not in use and energise it when successful check-in procedures have been completed.


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