Hybrid workforce model – the future of the workplace

Hybrid workforce model – the future of the workplace

As COVID restrictions ease, there’s being discussions on what returning to work will look like after the pandemic. While some companies are happy for their staff to work remotely, others want their staff back to the office when it’s safe to do so. While the transition of remote working has proven effective for companies, strategy meetings and creative brainstorms tend to work better in person. To offer staff flexibility that they need, some companies i.e. Germany based travel company Trivago are offering a hybrid workforce model.

Moving to a hybrid workforce model means that companies will no longer have a need for assigned seating. While the concept of unassigned seating known as ‘hoteling’, or ‘hot desking’ is not new, the shift towards a hybrid workforce model has led more companies to implement it.

According to Joan Burke, chief people of DocuSign, one of the biggest concerns of ‘hoteling’, or ‘hot desking’ from staff is being able to find a spot. However, with smart workplace technology in place, workers will be able to reserve a desk up to a week in advance through an app.

With the shift towards a hybrid workforce model, to assist staff in having confidence in returning to the workplace (staff being able to book their seats in advance) and companies being able to view how offices are viewed and used, CMS Engage was developed.


What is CMS Engage?

CMS Engage is a smart workplace technology solution, digitalising the seamless interactions between employees and the workplace.

Combining intelligent hardware with powerful software, staff are provided clear visibility on availabilities of cleaned and safe-to-use workspaces i.e., workstations, conferencing, collaborative, and quiet spaces.

With smart hardware communicating to an administrator dashboard and an employee mobile app, the following benefits can be applied to the workplace.


Employee Booking App

  • Simple and easy to use, staff can reserve their space anywhere, anytime via the booking app. Staff can preview, book and check-in to available and safe-to-use workstations or meeting rooms via their mobile or desktop device. With the booking app, employees can check in easily through automated touch-less check-in via Bluetooth or QR.



Administrator Dashboard

  • Administrators can implement social distancing measures by deactivating workstations.
    Employees can view digital floors plans to see available workstations on the employee mobile app.
  • Live digital floorplans can be accessed by maintenance team to dispatch cleaners to administer services and mark cleaned spaces as safe and available to book again.


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