Keeping students energised with charging solutions

One of the fastest growing trends at all levels of education, is the increased use of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. From primary schools to colleges and universities, a majority of students are provided with their own laptop for their studies. As there is a growing reliance on electronic devices, it is important for education facilities to provide wireless, portable and integrated power charging solutions to keep students devices energised.


What is wireless charging?

Wireless Charging, also known as inductive charging, is a convenient and cable free way to charge devices. It works by transferring power from the charger to receiver in the back of a phone via electromagnetic induction. Earlier this year we explored the benefits of wireless charging. Click here to read more about the benefits of wireless charging.

What is portable charging?

Portable charging is an easy way to charge electronic devices while on the go. A portable charger or power bank is a rechargeable battery where the power is stored in the charger. To charge devices, one simply connects the device they want to charge to the power bank with USB cable.


What is integrated power charging?

Integrated power charging is an effective way of energising devices and communication connections within workstation, soft seating and collaborative spaces. The power module is integrated into furniture to provide power to students devices.


Where do we come in?

At CMS we have developed portable and wireless charging solutions to suit personal and shared workspace applications. Whether in the classroom, lecture theatres or breakout areas we have a range of Wireless Charging Modules that offer easy access to power, to keep students’ devices energised. Perfect for personal workstations, soft-seating and collaborative spaces, our integrated power solutions deliver the latest charging technology to empower engaging and connected spaces. Convenient and hassle free, our portable Freedom USB charger that features USB-C & A fast-charging, is perfect to keep students devices charged.

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