Powering Flexible Spaces

Design the space you want and break free of the limitation electrical cables place on possibilities of flexible and agile spaces. Portable Batteries allow you to design flexible furniture to meet the demands of the future of work. They provide the ability to provide power supply anywhere anytime, without the limitations of needing to core a floor and be tethered to electrical cables in floor boxes or grommets.

A flexible workspace design encourages employee engagement on a daily basis. Allowing staff the ability to design their work area around specific tasks helps create the benefit of improved productivity. Most modern workplaces are adopting flexible workstations, collaboration areas and moveable AV stands to better suit their office area. Adopting portable power provides employees the added benefit of no longer needing to look for a power outlet


Where we come in?

We have designed and developed our ‘Next Level’ portable power solution from simply charging a laptop or mobile device to now being able to energise an entire workstation or media stand.

Our New Freedom FR210 Series is a complete, resolved solution, designed to be integrated into the latest flexible furniture designs and work areas. From training tables and desks on wheels to lounges, loose furniture and portable AV, the FR210 can provide portable power to all areas.

If you’re looking for a high-capacity high-output portable power solution, without the need to plug cables into walls, then look no further than our Freedom FR210 Series.



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