Smart workplace technology will help offices reopen safely

As COVID-19 lockdown restriction eases and businesses start to reopen, businesses are looking at emerging technology to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for their staff to return to. According to Enterprise Strategy Group “61% of knowledge workers are concerned about their personal health and 25% still want to return to their office.” This creates a need for businesses to invest in emerging technologies to make reopening the offices safer.

As a result of emerging technologies, the following technology solutions make it possible for offices to reopen safely:

  • Temperature scanners – According to Mike Leone, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group “with high quality camera technology, temperature can be detected with an impressive level of accuracy in real time.”
  • Emerging Social Distancing Solutions to ensure that staff are not too close to each other.
  • UVC Light Sanitation to keep offices clean.

With a high demand in emerging technologies to help offices open safely and a shift in how offices are viewed and used, we have developed CMS Engage.


What is CMS Engage?

CMS Engage is a smart workplace technology solution, digitalising the seamless interactions between employees and the workplace. It assists in restoring confidence to staff to safely return to the office.

Empowered by CMS Engage, incorporating intelligent hardware with powerful software, staff are provided clear visibility and secure access to appropriately distanced, cleaned, and safe-to-use workspaces including workstations, conferencing, collaborative, and quiet spaces.

With smart hardware communicating to an administrator dashboard and an employee mobile app, the following benefits can be applied to the workplace.

  • Workstations can be deactivated to allow administrators to implement social distancing measures. Digital floorplans deliver make available workstations and spaces are made visible on the employee mobile app.
  • Live digital floorplans mark used workstations and spaces needing to be cleaned, accessed by the maintenance team to dispatch cleaners to administer services and mark cleaned spaces as safe and available to book again.

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