USB-A vs. USB-C charging, which one is leading the battle?

USB-A vs.USB-C charging, which one is leading the battle?

In a recent article by Digitaltrends, they were discussing the difference between USB-A and USB-C to explain how they differ from each other and which one is leading the charging battle. As a leading manufacturer of power solutions, we design and produce a wide range of USB charging solutions to suit every facet of the modern commercial environment. 


What is USB-A


The USB-A port is the most recognizable and commonly used connector seeing as it has been around for 25yrs! It can also be known as the USB connector that you can never plug in correctly on the first go. USB-A charging ports are capable of charging Apple devices up to 12W and Android devices up to 18W. They are not suitable for laptop charging. 


What is USB-C


USB-C is a new smaller outlet design that features a reversible port for simpler connectivity. The charging capability now permits up to 100W, enabling USB-C port laptops to charge without adaptor power packs. The latest generation Apple and Samsung devices can also harness the power of USB-C, accepting up to 29W and 45W respectively. 


Which connection is better?


In the running battle of old vs. new similar to Millenials vs. GenZ, the new is USB-C which is slowly starting to overtake USB-A in the charging battle. In the article from Digitaltrends they indicate that with the right data standard, USB-C is much faster and more versatile than USB-A. In time, you can expect USB-C connections to replace all older USB-A connections and other ports. This switchover will, however, probably take years.

For now, USB-A shows up alongside USB-C in many computers, primarily to deal with compatibility issues. People still have older smartphones, beloved controllers, receivers, TVs, keyboards, and many peripherals that require a USB-A/B connection.”



Our range of USB solutions offers USB-A/A, USB-A/C and new to our product line up USB-C/C.

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