What is USB-C Charging?

What is USB-C Charging?

Reliable, fast and inexpensive, the most powerful and latest version of the USB standard is USB-C. USB-C is a fast charging procedure that uses high speed connectors and cables, commonly used to charge portable devices such as smart phones and laptops. USB-C can also transfer data, power, video and even audio.

What does it look like?

Oval shape and a rectangle with its corner smoothed into a curve, the USB-C features a smaller connector shape that is symmetrical, making it easier to plug in than other USBs.


What are the benefits of USB-C Charging?

  • Fast charging: USB-C connection can charge up to 20 times faster than a basic USB depending on USB-C protocol built into the device charging.
  • Powerful: USB-C chargers are powerful – can charge smart phones at 18W and charge up to 100W of power to compatible devices.
  • Universal: the universal nature of USB-C port makes it convenient for anyone who works inside the office as well as outside a traditional office or travel for work. A charger or power bank with a USB-C port can charge every USB-C device i.e., smart phones, laptops, and headphones.

Where do we come in?

At CMS we have developed a range of integrated USB-C chargers to suit personal and shared workspace applications.

To view some of CMS USB-C products, click here.

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