Wireless charging benefits for business

Ever wondered how wireless charging can be beneficial in your business? “Human-focused efforts are central to this approach, but it’s also critical for companies to provide employees with tools and technologies that can help them make the most of their environment.” The potential for wireless charging to change the way a workspace is decluttered with unnecessary cords removed from the worktop, which promotes functionality and aids staff frustration.


Where do we come in?

With the necessity for fewer touch-points in the office, integrated wireless charging has been advanced to the forefront in promoting a safer experience for employees returning to the office.  At CMS we have developed a range of integrated wireless chargers to suit personal and shared workspace applications.

“With mobile devices now the backbone of business operations as companies look to find a balance between at-home and in-office frameworks, simplicity has become a critical facet of work productivity. Wireless chargers provide a low-friction option to reduce complexity and safely boost staff productivity.”


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