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Otherwise known as modular wiring, Softwiring is a plug-and-play system which supersedes the labour intensive method of hardwiring by utilising an interconnecting modular backbone which enables a versatile and tool-less installation between the ceiling, workstation and floor.  Softwiring has transformed the building industry by adding flexibility and modularity whilst reducing installation time, waste of material and overall cost.  Softwiring (or modular wiring) enables the easy re-use of wiring when re-configuring workstation power distribution, without the waste associated with hard wiring. This not only saves time and increases productivity during on-site installation, it also gives the designer maximum flexibility for future expansion.

Interconnecting cables are manufactured from 3 core 2.5sqmm flexible cable. They are rated at 20amp and are terminated with male plug and female socket ‘CMS’ AS/ NZ61535.1 compliant connectors Interconnecting  cables are available in standard lengths from 500mm, in 500mm increments. Cable comes in standard black or white. The connectors are available in black, white and red to allow differentiation of clean and dirty power circuits.