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Zeus has undergone re-invention to deliver cutting-edge technology services coupled with easier and more versatile installation options, while retaining it’s timeless design. Now available to be specified with advanced inline services like USB-A & C fast charge, Zeus’ form follows function. Installing Zeus is improved with simple snap-in clamps and self-fastening paddles (b.) for desktop mounting. Also available is a under-desk mounting solution (c.) to retain a clean surface. Max top thickness 20-35mm

Double GPO


Zeus - 2 x rotated auto switched rotated GPO only


Zeus - 2x GPO +USB A/C Charging (30W Shared)


Zeus - 2x GPO + USB A/A Charging (30W)


Zeus - 2x GPO +USB A/C Charging (30W Shared)


Zeus - 2 x rotated auto switched GPO and provision for 2 x data

Quad GPO


Zeus - 4 x rotated 10amp auto switched socket outlet and provision for 3 data

  • Download Zeus Datasheet