Echo series delivers the latest charging technology to empower engaging and connected spaces within the commercial workplace, integrating into personal workstations, soft-seating and collaborative spaces. Echo is available in 3 shell sizes, Single, Duo and Trio, describing the number of modules each shell can accommodate. Echo can be equipped with any combination of USB A/C Charging and standard Power. The module has a shallow depth with easy top-side installation without fastening from the bottom.

Echo Single


Echo Single 1x Power Module,


Echo Single with Dual USB Type A/C 30W Charger

Echo Duo


Echo Duo 2x Power Modules


Echo Dual - 1x Power ,USB A/C Fast-Charge module (30W shared)


Echo Duo 2x Dual USB Type A/C 30W Charge

Echo Trio


Echo Trio 3x Power Modules


Echo Trio 1x Power Module, Dual USB Type A/C 30W Charger, 1x Power Module

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