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Dali ‘Quick Flex’

What is Dali ‘Quick Flex’?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a digital, internationally adopted language used to control lighting such as LED Drivers. This allows information to be transferred between devices, such as lighting commands, fault details and diagnostics. Our Dali Quick Flex Cabling Solution is ideal for multiple applications such as Education, Retail, Health, Commercial Offices, Airports & Public Sectors.

Why Choose our Quick Flex Structured Cabling?

CMS Dali Quick Flex is a tried and tested system used in many projects across Australia and New Zealand for the past 10+ years. It is a made up of a modular 5-pole cabling system for Dali, DSI, CBUS, KNX & other systems requiring 5 wire lighting systems (power with data transfer). CMS Quick Flex has its own unique CMS connector which ensures excellent conductivity without the concern of separation at joints.

At CMS, we have long believed environmental issues must be factored into building designs. We are a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. How we implement this is through product stewardship, best practise purchasing to meet Australian standards and bringing alternative and reduced environmental impact products to our clients.

The Dali Quick Flex system is environmentally friendly, having ROHS and Best Environmental Practice Certification. To ensure your project adheres to Green Star rating, CMS have direct access to supply certified PVC-Free cabling system that have been stringently tested by independent laboratories to meet Green Star compliance.


Sustainability is of high importance which is why are leads are re-usable and outlets are not only more versatile to install but also minimise waste on-site

Dali offers a Safer & Quicker Installation with Pre-terminated and pre-tested one-way plug-and-play connections eliminates electrical faults

This system is able to be modified to add additional connections allowing for expansion or reconfiguration at minimal cost

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