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Above & Below Desk Power Rails

Powerful, Diverse & Versatile

CMS offers 8 different power rail profiles, the Wedge, Harmony, Premier, Satelite, Zeus, Leto, Iso and Athena rails.  The above desk rail range have been designed to provide power, data and also the latest USB & Wireless charging technology to the desktop.

Designed to be mounted at the rear of the work surface or on function wall. They are available with desk clamp brackets and also a standoff bracket for when retrofitting against a screen or without mounting brackets to facilitate in a basket or tray.  Cable entry is flexible; from the side, the back or underneath. This allows freedom for the workspace designer and ease of fitment for the on-site installer.

Cable used is in the form of standard softwiring flexible cable and can be fitted with either softwiring connections or a standard Australian 3 pin plug.  These rails are manufactured to order and can incorporate: dual circuits, RCD (safety switches), circuit breakers, active power filters, smart switches, timers, thermal overloads, etc.

CMS Power Rail Features

- 8 Profiles to choose from

- Available in any power/data combination

- Fully segregated for data

- Colour coded sockets available for clean/dirty power