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The NeoCon exhibition show runs from 13-15 June 2022 and we will be displaying a range of our innovative technology products. We are very excited to be exhibiting at NeoCon this year and if you happen to be attending, please visit us at booth 7-1085.




Feature Product

The Nova & Viva began as a clean slate design, a passion project to usher a revival of innovation in power & technology. Utilising the latest in electronics, plastic moulding design and new finishing materials, we have achieved a profile and fascia that uniquely blends textures and technology into something stylish and elegant.

To suit a wide range of applications area, both Nova & Viva power rails have been designed to enable versatile mounting both above or below the desk, while still providing convenient access to power and USB charging technology. The unique clamp design features integrated cable routing which in turn conceals cables from the user’s view.

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Project Profiles

Bank of Queensland (BOQ) – NSW

Bank of Queensland (BOQ), one of Australia’s leading regional banks, have more than 160 branches across Australia. We are proud to have partnered with Zenith Interiors and Electrical Data Voice Installations (EDV) for fit out of this project. A range of CMS products were provided including Soft-wiring, Custom Executive In-desk Boxes, KonexUS Modules, Athena II Power Rails and Titan Floor Boxes. All products provided easy access to power and USB charging.




SAP – Singapore

CMS is proud to partner with Steel Case and DB&B to deliver power and fast charging capabilities for SAP. Our products were selected for this project due to their ease of use, aesthetics, and functionality. For convenient access to power and USB-C fast charging, Athena Power Rails and Centra In-Desk Modules were installed to workstations.




Gibbons Co – Viaduct Harbour

Gibbons Co. is a privately owned and luxury property development firm that specialises in residential and commercial office buildings. For this project, McKean Carnell and Hannah Warren Interiors partnered with CMS to provide a seamless design to integrate power and charging technology for a bespoke boardroom table. Combining innovative design and technology, and providing easy access to power and USB charging, we provided our Executive II Soft-Open In-Desk Box.



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