CMS Nova and Viva began as a blank sheet design, a passion project to re-invent personal access to power and technology above the desk.

Nova & Viva starts with a one-piece moulded design, with complimentary finishing touches including deep Perspex gloss and textured-matt finished fascias, and versatile styling for the body, including optioned soft-touch fabric to present even more options to deliver contrast or concealment within the application space.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist Design
  • Duo & Trio (coming soon)
  • Worldwide Power
  • USB-C Fast Charging
  • Exterior finishes
  • Works Around You.

Nova & Viva’s design enables versatile mounting beneath or above the desk to suit a range of application areas requiring convenient access
to power and charging technology. The unique clamp design features integrated cable routing concealing cables from view.


  • Nova & Viva Data Sheet
  • Nova & Viva Brochure
  • Nova Technical Drawing
  • Viva Technical Drawing

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