CMS Wire | Q3 2021

Introducing the August issue of the CMS Wire – a quarterly newsletter covering all recent happenings at CMS. This issue we highlight our recently launched Smart Desking Solution, ENGAGE, as well as some exciting new range of Above-desk Power Rails coming soon!



New Release- CMS Engage

Evolution of Softwiring

CMS Engage is a smart workplace technology solution, seamlessly digitising the interaction between employees and the workplace, while property and facility managers monitor space utilisation and energy consumption to provide insightful analytics on how their workplace is being utilised.

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, the challenge today is to ensure it is working more efficiently and effectively. Understanding how the workplace is being used, with consideration of power consumption and its impact on our environment are just some of the challenges enterprise face today. Just as important, employees require the tools to book and reserve space remotely or when in the office to remain engaged and productive.

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Arriving Soon- Nova & Viva

Above Desk Power – Reimagined

We are proud to introduce a passion project of ours – Nova and Viva, our 2 new power rail families. Taking the best of our power and charging technology, Nova and Viva aim to deliver minimalistic, powerful and convenient access to services you need, and nothing you don’t.

We hope you will enjoy integrating these into your workstations, and collaborative spaces as much as we did creating them.



Conferencing Solutions

CMS power & charging solutions are designed to work with you and your team in any conferencing environment. Featuring the latest USB-C PD fast-charging technology, CMS works with you to reach new heights.

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Project Profiles

Genesis Energy – New Zealand

Genesis Energy, the leading energy retailer in New Zealand has recently refreshed their offices with new furniture to better support more modern ways of working.
Vidak partnered with CMS to deliver a fit-out for workstations set for a call centre environment.
Athena power rails and floor boxes were implemented to provide easy access to power and charging technology for PCs, devices, and cleaning equipment, as well as provide data/AV services in the floor


LBBW – Singapore

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), a universal bank that was founded in 1999 in Germany opened its Singapore branch in 1995.

As part of the office fit out, LBBW Singapore required a one stop solution for power and USB charging technology. Athena Power Rails were specified above the desk to provide personal power and USB-C Fast charging, and the Alpha below desk units were specified below the desk to bring soft-wired power outlets for fixed items like monitors and desktop computers.

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Smart Workplace Technology Will Help Offices Reopen Safely

As COVID-19 lockdown restriction eases and businesses start to reopen, businesses are looking at emerging technology to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for their staff to return to.

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