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CMS Echo delivers the latest charging technology to empower engaging and connected spaces within the commercial workplace, integrating into personal workstations, soft-seating and collaborative spaces. Echo can be equipped with any combination of; USB C+A Charging, Wireless Charging and standard Power. The module has a shallow depth of 46mm, with easy top-side installation without fastening from the bottom.

Key Features

  • Minimalistic surface design blends into any surface
  • Surface installation suited to soft seating and custom joinery.
  • Fast-charge options include 30W USB-C PD fast-charging or 15W Wireless fast-charging
  • Available to be configured with softwiring connector or standard 3-pin plug.
  • Standard colours black and white
  • Charging services to be used with IT equipment only



Echo - 1x GPO (1500mm 3 Pin Plug)


Echo - 1x GPO (500mm Tag Lead)


Echo - USB A/C Fast-Charge (30W shared) (1500mm 3 Pin Plug)


Echo - USB A/C Fast-Charge (30W shared) (500mm Tag Lead)


Echo - Wireless Fast-Charge (15W) (500mm Tag Lead)