Trax Umbilical

Height Adjustable Cable Management

CMS Trax umbilical cable management is specifically designed for cable protection when bringing power and data cables in a height-adjustable table application. Trax features either a single or dual compartment for cable distribution allowing power and data cabling to be run separately or simultaneously when using conduit.

Key Features

  • Trax is designed for height-adjustable workstations
  • Fitted with brackets to connect to the underside of the desk and back to the fixed cable tray below.
  • A magnet set can fit the cable-tray bracket (sold separately)

Pre-configured Kits


Trax Dual Compartment Umbilical Kit x5


Trax Dual Compartment Umbilical Kit


Trax Single Compartment Umbilical Kit



Trax Mounting Bracket Only


Trax Single Compartment - 600mm length